Executive Retreat

The workshop addresses people in important leadership positions, who are used to work and live to their limits, may be even beyond. You find yourself in a very small group of peers in a similar situation; you reflect and share your situation regarding life and business, guided and supported by professional coaches.

You also have the opportunity to slow down, regenerate body, mind and soul, getting refreshed energy and motivation. The workshop takes 2,5 days.

Flyer "Executive Retreat" (PDF-Download, in German only)

We facilitate understanding and practical exercises in following aspects:

Personal slowing down

Inspiration towards creative solutions for important challenges and endeavors

Physical and mental regeneration

Reflection regarding very personal issues in the leadership role and position

- Reflection to core questions of life: meaning and happiness, unfolding creative resources

- Going to the limits? - understanding internal and external limitations

- Dealing with “Loneliness” at the top, stress and resilience